Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy explains how we manage and store information about you and your actions, during usage of We ensure you, that all of this actions are made only for internal use and never shared with third party.

This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time. By using the Service, you agree to be bound and to abide by the most recent version of this Privacy Policy.

Next information is being received from users during use of the

E-mail adresses is used as login to Limefile services and is a unique identifier of user among others. Limefile never shares, sends, sells or uses any other distribution method, to give your e-mail address to any third party.

Passwords to our user accounts are stored in our database, encrypted. We have no access to passwords, and they are never shared with anyone. If you need to restore password, automated script will send you a new unique password, which you can change later.

IP adresses of users are neccessary for identification of non-registered users and security purposes.

Cookies are used for better usability of the Limefile. Cookies store browser preferences, web-site preferences and a registered user identifier. Cookies are stored on a user's computer, and can be disabled in web-browser options.

Billing information isn't stored and collected by Limefile. When you make any payments, you're being redirected to our billing partner's encrypted web-site. All of the billing companies Limefile use, are on the market a lot of years, and absolutely secure.

Files. Uploaded files aren't checked manualy. We don't share uploaded files to any third party on purpose. Files are shared only to people, that received unique file link from you. File's path goes on to others from receiver and not in any other way. We delete files in cases, described in DMCA and FAQ.

Advertisement on the web-site is provided by partners. We are not responsible for any web-sites, you're being redirected to by adverisers provided links. Advertisers may collect technical information, regarding your visits to different web-sites (personal is never collected), for better service purposes.

Limefile is a law-abiding service, only reason we can share your details, is a law enforcement request. If you don't break the law and abide the Terms of Service, you're nothing to be afraid of.